Arabic for the World 4 -Arabic Conversation (Textbook, Paperback + CD)

Arabic textbooks based on a curriculum
developed by Aldiwan Center,

Arabic Conversation

المحادثة العربية

About the series

"Arabic for the world" is a series by the authors of Al-Diwan center
(for teaching Arabic as a foreign language).

Issued in 2010.
The overall objective of the series

To enable the student to use Arabic in everyday life situations
effectively and efficiently.

Components of the package: 4 parts +8 exercise booklets +4 CDs

Arabic for the world (4)
Arabic Conversation

Arabic Conversation  is the fourth book in the "Arabic for the
World" Series, published by Al Diwan Center: Teaching Arabic as a
Foreign Language.

This book is intended for Arabic Language students, who are not of Arab
origins and who have passed the elementary stage in learning the
language. The result of extensive research and practical experience,
Arabic Conversation provides a solution for what we noticed as a
commonplace among the students of Arabic; their inability to speak

Many students focus on learning the language through studying rules and
memorizing vocabulary, without using the language to communicate with
others. Hence, the main concept of this book is to teach the student
how to deal with essential daily matters through various scenarios,
characters, both Arab and non-Arab, all relevant to the student's life.

The book also benefits teachers in training students in Arabic
conversation. This book is accompanied by an audio cassette, containing
the lessons' texts and listening exercises.


216 pages

Deluxe one-color printing

A4 paper size

Icluded with this book

  • CD-ROM:
    Includes listening exercises.