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4-Month Arabic Online Study Program
on AldiwanOnline e-learning system
$99 Only
(Special Discount, + Registration fee waived )

4-Month Arabic Study on AldiwanOnline e-learning system - Discounted

Online Course Description:
120-day UNLIMITED access to AldiwanOnline Self-paced

Registration fee $20 (waived)

Total Cost:

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Our institution & services (Turkish) DİVAN ARAPÇA DİL MERKEZİ

Summary of our institution and services in Turkish



Divan Dil Merkezi deneyimli bir grup öğretmenle birlikte ana dili Arapça olmayan öğrencilere Arapça eğitimi vermeye 1997 yılında başladı. O zamandan bu yana eğitim hedefleri ve kültürel geçmişleri birbirinden tamamen farklı 50’den fazla farklı millete mensup öğrenci merkezde eğitim aldı.

Online Arabic web-based eLearning courses

Online Arabic web-based courses

You can register today, start today, and learn the language you love..right away!

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Aldiwan Center Arabic Online Distance Education Learning
Responding to the overwhelming requests from students over the world, Aldiwan Center has established a new Aldiwan Center Arabic Online Distance Education Learning department for online learning / distance education using one of the leading voice-video conferencing interactive software: Skype! and MSN
Head of Department:Islam Aly, M.A.Ed. MFL

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

A - On Al-Diwan Center, and General Questions   
Language of instruction, methods of instruction, Tajweed (Science and art of reciting Quran) classes, trial attendance, Guest Family, outsourcing Al-Diwan services, and many more frequent questions answered here. 

 B -  On Registration     
 Registration process step-by-step, sex separation, course load mix, summer intensive program, tuition payment, family private classes, and other questions.

C -  Student Life in Egypt

Colloquial local Arabic of Egypt, roommating, rental prices, meals, standard of health care, Internet services

9-Month Program

9 Month Program to master Arabic language, literature and culture

Make maximum progress during your stay in Egypt at affordable prices


Gain a sound essential skills of Arabic language. This carefully structured course is designed to help you move up one level of ability every 50 hours.


  1. The nine-month course is the most helpful for those who want to get deeper into the Arabic language and culture. Be able to master the language and access the Arabic recourses with no help from the others.
  2. Studying in winter when rent rates are low.
  3. Enjoying the winter's mild weather in Egypt during the winter months
  4. The student can take a vacation of two weeks (the Christmas or any other time) during the course in addition to Fridays.  

Winter Intensive

Arabic Winter Intensive Immersion Program  2012

Arabic Winter Intensive Immersion Program  2012

(Fall Semester)

Benefits of the Fall Program:

    Enjoying the weather in Egypt during the fall and the lower living costs in Cairo.
    A long outdoor activity day visiting the famous sites of Cairo.
    A lecture in the Arabian culture including manners, traditions, ideas.

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